Mimecast Security Awareness Training Portal

Mimecast Security Awareness Training Portal

Mimecast Awareness Training Portal

To view all current and previous Security Awareness Training Videos, visit your Mimecast Security Awareness Training Portal

Login to Mimecast Security Awareness Training Portal

  1. Visit the WSD Links Webpage: https://www.wsd.k12.az.us/Page/38 
  2. Click "Mimecast Personal Portal" listed under "Staff LInks"
  3. Login using your Email

Your Email is your "(first initial+last name) @wsd7.org

View all Security Awareness Training videos by clicking "Awareness Training"

Click "Awareness Training"

View Training Module Videos

Click " Training Modules"

Pending Modules are the most recent videos that still need to be completed!

Note: Each video does have specific themes are designed to help you remain safe and aware on the internet and can apply anywhere!
Note: Incomplete videos will appear in the top half under "Pending Modules"

View Training Campaign Videos

Click "Training Campaigns"

You can view all previous Training Campaigns down below!

Once you have caught up on your current Security Awareness Training modules, you will an empty space that states "You do not have any assigned modules/campaigns"

You will receive a new Training Module once a month at the beginning of the month. They range from two minutes to five minutes to complete and can be done on a computer or on a phone! Please keep up so you don't have a back log! Check in at the beginning of each month!

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