IT Instructions on Using TestNav for State Assessment

IT Instructions on Using TestNav for State Assessment

Using TestNav for State Assessment

TestNav is used for State Assessments and must be up-to-date in order to run properly

Updating the TestNav App

The most current form of TestNav is pushed by the IT Department, this is to make sure your student device is up-to-date! 
1.       Make sure you have the correct version of TestNav. It should be labeled ‘TestNav 1.10.2. If you do not have this program, or it looks like a blank page, please let your teacher know, and someone from the Tech department will manually download the program onto your computer.

Correct Version of TestNav 1.10.2:

                                                               i.      Note: If you only see ‘TestNav’ or the icon for the program is blank, please let your teacher know, IT will need to download the correct version of the TestNav program.

2. Check for Updates and Shut Down Laptop before leaving for the weekend. 
3. Plug in your laptop before you go to sleep the night before the test and make sure it charges. This will make sure that your laptop is fully charged for the day of the test.

 Checklist for the night before the assessment: 

o    TestNav 1.10.2 is on Desktop

o    Laptop is up-to-date

o    Laptop is fully charged

o    Laptop and Charger is in backpack by the next morning 

Closing all apps the day of the assessment

All background programs must be shut down in order for TestNav to run properly.

1. Log in to your laptop and let everything load. (Including all three of the Google pages and Microsoft Teams that normally begins during startup.) 
2. Once it has loaded, close out of Google.
3. In the bottom right hand corner of the screen, click on the little ‘Up’ arrow.
4. Right click the Teams icon, then select ‘Quit’.
5. Once that is done, you should have all background programs closed. You many now click the TestNav 1.10.2 icon.
6. Select ‘Arizona’
7. Log in to your assessment using your assessment ticket! 
Note: If the app says that there are still programs running in the background, please let your teacher know/alert the IT department and IT will help you close those programs.
You can contact IT by submitting a ticket by clicking here!

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