How to Login to WebEx and Schedule a Meeting

How to Login to WebEx and Schedule a Meeting

Login to WebEx for the First Time

Login to WebEx and create meetings through WebEx
1. Start at the Information Technology Useful Link page and click WebEx:

2. Clicking here will open a new tab for WebEx:

3. From here, you'll click the drop down arrow in the upper right hand corner.

4. Once you click, it will give you a dropdown menu. You'll want to click Office 365:

5. From there, Office will log you in, and you will get your Homepage for WebEx.

Note: It will have a few pop-ups for first time users, if you'd like, read them, if not, it tells you that you can customize your icon and schedule meetings. Just click 'Next, Next, and Done' and they will go away.

Schedule a Meeting

Schedule whatever meeting you need, similar to Teams or Zoom! You'll need a time, topic, and email address! 

1. Once you've logged into WebEx, you will want to click 'Schedule a meeting' and it will take you to the 'Schedule a meeting' page:

2. From here, you'll want to title the meeting as you'll need, we'll use Parent - Teacher Conferences as an example. To title it, you'll want to type in your topic under 'Meeting Topic'

3. Next, you'll want to set the password, especially if you are sending it as a link. Keep it simple, and remember to send the password along with the link.

4. Next, set the time! You'll click the day and time and it will change blue as you roll over it. 

5. Set the time and day! Also remember to set the duration so the attendee(s) will know how long they will need to block off for the meeting.

6. Next, add the attendees! Use their emails and WebEx will send them a link to the meeting itself. You can separate other attendees by comma or semi-colon! If you do that, their email will pop up underneath as added invites.

7. Once that is done, and you've checked that everything is accurate, click 'Schedule' and you'll be taken to a confirmation page, along with a link to the meeting itself if you need one! The attendee, if you included their email, will receive an email with a direct link to the meeting.

Note: If you need to copy the link to the meeting for someone, you can click on the  symbol, and it will copy it to your clipboard. Or if that doesn't work, you can highlight the whole link and copy the link itself.

Start a Meeting

You've set up your meeting, now it's time to get it started!

1. From your WebEx Homepage, you will now see your scheduled meetings under 'Upcoming Meetings'. Roll over to the meeting you wish to start, and click the green 'Start' button.

2. Once you click that, you will be taken to another screen that will prompt a download to your computer. This will only happen the first time you open a WebEx meeting, but afterwards you will get the following screen, asking if you want to open the WebEx App.

3. Click 'Open WebEx' or 'Launch Meeting' if the prompt doesn't pop up.

4. From here, your meeting will start, and you'll just need to click 'Start Meeting'.

Send link through ClassDojo

1. Start on your WebEx homepage, and click on the meeting you want to send.

2. This will bring back up the information page like before. The Meeting Link will be the first option like you saw earlier. You'll want to highlight it, or click the  icon and copy it.

3. After you've copied the link, head over to ClassDojo and paste the link into the message that you'll send to the guardian.
Make sure you also send the password, as it will require the attendee to input one to start the meeting on their end.
If you need assistance, please open a Support Ticket: Here

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