How do I reset my computer and email password?

How do I reset my computer and email password?

Wilson School District #7 enforces strict password guidelines- outlined in in the "Digital User Account Protection Policy". To help enforce this policy Wilson IT has enabled "Self Service Password Reset" for our Microsoft 365 accounts. 
To reset your computer/email password utilizing "Self Service Password Reset"  you must know your current password. If you have completely forgotten you password, Please reach out to Wilson IT and we will assist you with a reset. Remember, Wilson IT will never ask you for your current password, please do not share it with anyone!
Reset instructions:
Reset from your email account:
  1. Open your email account via a web browser  -
  2. click on your name in the upper right corner.

3. Then click "My Account"
Once you click "My Account" you will notice a few options. We are looking for "Change Password".

Follow the on screen instructions.

Old Password = Enter your current password.
New Password = Enter your new desired password.
Confirm New Password = Re-enter your new desired password.
Once you complete you "Password Reset" you will need to restart your computer and log back in using your newly created password. If you do not restart and log back in, you may experience computer errors pertaining to your computer credentials. Restarting and logging in will likely resolve any credential errors you encounter. 
If you need assistance please open a Support Ticket: Here 

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