Creating and assigning a blank Word Online Assignment in Microsoft Teams

Creating and assigning a blank Word Online Assignment in Microsoft Teams

Teacher Steps

  1. Open Microsoft Teams 
  2. Choose Team (Class Name in Infinite Campus)
  3. Choose Assignments from the tabs in center of the screen
  4. Click Create
  5. Choose Assignment from the drop down 

  6. On the New Assignment Screen fallout the applicable information for your assignment. The instruction section should be specific. this is what the students see before they open the document.
  7. Choose add resources -> New File -> Word
  8. Name the Word Document 
  9. Click Attach
  10. Click Assign when Finished. 
Student Steps 
  1. Login to Clever Portal 
  2. Click Microsoft Teams 
  3. Click Assignments on the Left Panel 
  4. Click the assignment sent by teacher 
  5. Read Teachers instructions 
  6. Click the Word Document 
  7. Edit Document as needed 
  8. Click Close
  9. Click Turn In
After students finish turning in the document teachers can open each word document from the assignment tab. 

  1. Click Assignments 
  2. Click the Assignment you want to grade
  3. Click the Student who's document you want to see
  4. Grade in teams or print and grade in person 
Note if you grade in teams it will be uploaded to Infinite campus for you as an assignment.
The title of the assignment will be use in infinite campus. 

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