Creating a BBComms Group

Creating a BBComms Group

Create a mass notification group in BBComms if you need to contact a specific group of families for a specific event or class
Step 1. 
  1. Open the "Messages" tab
  2. Open the "Groups" sub tab      

Step 2.
  1. Click "Add" (Located in the lower right corner).
  2. School - Select the Site you want to save the group.
  3. Group Name - Name your group, be general, include school site code (WES, WPS, WCC, WDO or SPED).
  4. Group ID - Is your group Private (only for yourself) Public (visible to all BBComs Users).
  5. Select one or more member From a list or From a file.
From a file

Prepare File
  1. Create an Excel file.
  2. List Student ID numbers in Column A, one ID per Row.
  3. Save file as .CSV on your desktop.
Do not include any other information, ID in Column A only

Upload File
  1. Member Type - Parents (using student ID).
  2. File - Choose File you created above.
  3. Load - Click the "Load" Button located on the lower center of the page.
  4. Save - Click the "Save" Button located on the lower right corner of the page.
From a list
  1. Select your group members from the left panel. if you need to remove a group or identify from your list. click the name from the right panel
  2. Save - Click the "Save" Button located on the lower right corner of the page.
Create a IT Support Ticket if you have any questions or errors.

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